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Welcome to our frequently asked questions!

How can I contact Cada Cabeza™?

Click here to contact us. We are always eager to hear your questions, comments, suggestions and requests. We use this feedback to help us improve our processes in an effort to improve upon your membership experience.



How much does it cost to join Cada Cabeza™?

There is no cost to join our community. Membership is completely free.



How do I become a member of Cada Cabeza™?

All it takes to become a registered Cabeza is the desire to express your opinions and the willingness to be part of a growing online community of U.S. based Latinos*. Click here to start right now! You'll be asked to complete your online profile so a personalized & secure account can be created for you specifically. Once your online profile/account has been created, you will then become eligible to participate in surveys, where your opinion is critically needed.  


* You must be Latino and live in the U.S.


I have already registered, but I haven't received my confirmation email.

Should you encounter this issue we would strongly suggest checking to see if the confirmation email is in your Junk mail folder. If it is not in your junk mail folder, it is possible that your email server is blocking our emails. If you have a security filter in your email account, please allow emails from panel@cadacabeza.com. Simply, add this email to your address book or safe senders list. Also, some email providers are using folders or tabs to organize your mail into different categories. Please ensure you check your emails folders to locate our emails. You can always contact us directly for assistance.



I forgot my password! What should I do now?

Don't panic! Just click here and we’ll send you an email with further instructions. As a reminder, please note your account is linked to the email address that was entered/confirmed at the time of your online profile was created.



Are there rewards for participating in online surveys?

Absolutely! Members earn points every time they participate in an online survey and successfully complete the study in its entirety. Moreover, our invites clearly state the study offer details such as the survey name, topic, length and point value.  Members can redeem their points as soon as they reach the 1,000 points threshold. To learn more about the benefits of being a Cada Cabeza™ panelist, please click here.



How long does it take to receive my check once I have reached 1,000 points?

Once 1000 points have been earned, members can easily navigate to the “My Points” menu and click on the “My Balance” link to begin the point’s redemption process. After the points have been successfully redeemed a check will be issued.

Checks can take up to 2 – 4 weeks before they are received.



As a registered Cabeza, what are my responsibilities to the community?

To continue earning the benefits of membership and access to our community resources, you must remain an active part of the group. Noted below are the responsibilities we ask of each Cabeza:

  • Check your e-mail at least once a week to see which surveys are waiting for your opinions.
  • Answer each survey honestly, thoughtfully and to the best of your ability.
  • Complete as many surveys as you like, but at least one every two weeks.
  • Update your profile often (at least every six months) to keep us current about all of your lifestyle changes including a move to a new address, the birth of a new child or even the purchase of a new automobile.



Can I change or update my profile information?

Yes, and we encourage you to keep your profile as up-to-date as possible so that you receive invitations without experiencing any interruptions of service. Each time you log in to Cada Cabeza™, you have access to the “update my registration info” page at the top of the site. This page allows you to update personal information, including your e-mail address, password and language preference.



When will my reward points be updated?

Once you have completed a survey, points are updated immediately in our system (unless stated otherwise in the survey invitation). Please note, however, it may take a short time for the points to become visible on your profile page.



Can I earn additional points for referring friends to Cada Cabeza™?

Yes, and we'd be happy to have them in join our community. Simply log in and go to the "Community" menu and click on the “Invite Friends and Family” link. Noted below are the requirements for referring someone to Cada Cabeza™:

  • Invite people you know and trust. Remember they must be Latino and live in the U.S.
  • They must register and activate their account in order to be a part of our community.
  • You can invite up to 4 people a month.

In order for you to receive 80 points for your referral, the person you referred must answer at least 1 survey – either a survey that was sent via an email invitation or any of the surveys that are in the menu "My surveys" when logging in to his/her Cada Cabeza™ account. Please note the activation survey doesn't count because it is part of the sign up process.



How can I be invited to participate in more surveys?

The best way to be invited to take part in more surveys is to fill out your online profile as accurately and completely as possible. We send relevant surveys to Cada Cabeza™ members based on this important information.

Please keep in mind the number of surveys each Cabeza receives is dependent upon the demographic needs of our clients and how well those needs coincide with your profiling information.



Are my survey answers kept anonymous?

Your privacy is a matter we take very seriously. You can be confident that your personal information (including your name, e-mail address and other contact information) will not be shared with any third party, and you will not receive unsolicited e-mails or spam from our clients. Survey results are only reported anonymously or as part of aggregate data, never will we reveal your name to a third party. Please take a moment to read our full privacy policy. 



How old do I have to be to join Cada Cabeza™?

You must be at least 13 years of age to join Cada Cabeza™. Please note, members who are under 18 years of age will not be able to participate in surveys until parental consent is achieved.



Who owns and manages Cada Cabeza™?

Cada Cabeza™ was founded by Garcia Research Associates, Inc., a market research company that specialized in consumer research among Latinos in the United States. While Garcia Research Associates, Inc., has been recently purchased by GfK, the same team of Latino professionals manage this respected asset. Click here to learn more about Cada Cabeza™



I have a suggestion and or need help. Whom can I talk to?

Cada Cabeza™ is ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can e-mail us at: panel@cadacabeza.com



Since I’m earning money as a panelist, do I have to submit any tax forms to adhere to IRS compliance standards?

By law, it is our legal responsibility to report individual earnings of $600 or more per year to the IRS by way of 
a U.S. tax Form 1099. You can download the IRS tax form by clicking here. You can also click here for further instructions on how to fill out the form.  



How can I cancel my Cada Cabeza™ registration?

We're sorry to learn that you no longer wish to be part of our community. If there is anything we can do to help solve a problem you are experiencing, or any suggestion you have to help us improve our processes, please contact us and we'll do our best to act right away. If you are sure you want to close your account, log in and go to the “My Profile” menu and click on “Cancel Membership” link.


Can you further explain how your sweepstakes program works?

Cada Cabeza is now offering members the opportunity to participate in our monthly sweepstakes program. The spirit of the program is to provide members extra opportunities to win cash prizes for their participation and loyalty to the panel. As such, members can enter into each monthly sweepstakes program whereby 41 cash prizes will be awarded totaling $1000.00 in value. To learn more about the rules including entry into the program please click here



Why must I fill out the Declaration of Eligibility Form if I win a Sweepstakes Prize?

 While we understand the content within the form itself may be a bit difficult to interpret, we’re requesting this document be signed by winners of the sweepstake to safeguard all parties of interest. Please note, the names of all winners will be posted to our website and or appear in various communications as a way to promote the program and your experience of it to other panelists. As an example, if a  person named Manny Garcia (fictitious) were randomly selected as a winner, his name would be posted to our website, becoming publicly viewable. To protect his privacy, his name would appear as Manny G. (city, state). Moreover, if Manny were to provide us with some feedback, his content could be reflected on our site, in a newsletter or in an upcoming response. Panelists will only be identified by their full first name, first initial of last name, city and state. Finally, these forms are also collected so we can maintain adherence to business and tax reporting protocols.  

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